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Marble Plus

Product Code: MAR41

Product Information

Marble Plus
Spray cleaner and protector for counter tops and walls

This product is specially designed to safely clean and protect your polished natural stone counter tops and walls. Marble Plus will also add a beautiful deep shine while adding a protective layer that repels against water and oils. This slows down the staining process and gives you more time to clean up a potential stain. Application is simply sprayed on and wiped off. It can be safely used around surrounding fixtures such as Chrome Faucets, Glass and Porcelain sinks. Marble Plus is NOT TO BE USED ON FLOORS.

Size 15 OZ

Marble Plus is now 25% larger for the same price.

November 27, 2017 - Marble Plus is Back in Stock

Quantity Price per unit
2+ $22.95
4+ $19.95
12+ $18.75

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